Sharing something that has been weighting on my heart lately regarding the business of blogging and social media. Click on over to the post to check it out. I'd love to know your thoughts on the subject! #businessofblogging #blogging #socialmedia #influencer #influencerlife

The Business of Blogging and Social Media

I want to share something with you all that has been weighing on my heart lately. It’s something I struggle with as a blogger and it's the business of blogging and social media. I absolutely love what I do! I love being able to connect with you and share a bit of myself with you all hoping that I can inspire you to elevate your everyday!! But here’s the thing, I know very well that by sharing my outfits, "lifestyle", sales, travels and more, that it feeds into this feeling of always wanting more. As a society it seems newness is so important. What I mean by that is the idea that our worth to everyone else is somehow linked to always having the latest and greatest. Here’s the thing about things, if you’re always on the hunt for the newest thing you’ll never be happy because as soon as you get it something else will pop up that you now want ... Read more...

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