Sharing my second ProLon FMD 5 Day Body Reset results and what I thought about the new soups. #prolonfmd #prolon #fmd #5dayreboot #5dayreset #bodyreset

ProLon FMD 5 Day Body Reset

As you may remember earlier this year I did a fasting mimicking diet for 5 days. I absolutely loved my results! Sometimes we get off of our healthy eating habits be it for celebrations, vacations, or even from stress. Rather than being hard on ourselves for letting ourself slip a bit, why not try an easy 5 day body reset to give yourself a boost and get back on track. I would have done a reset before our trip to Hawaii but with back to back trade shows it wouldn't have been feasible with dining out for work with our brands and clients so instead I decided to save my latest Prolon FMD 5 day reset for when we came back. I knew going into Hawaii that I wasn't going to be too strict with myself and allow myself to indulge a little. But, I didn't want a week of not sticking with my diet to steer me too far from my norm and that's why as soon ... Read more...

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