I know a lot of us did not expect to become home school teachers overnight so here's 20 of the top home school resources including worksheets and virtual classes. #homeschooling #homeschoolresources #athomelearning #shelterinplace #parentingtips #parentingadvice

Top 20 Home School Resources for When Kids are out of School

The Coronavirus is hitting us all very hard. It's so important to remember that this is so much bigger than each and every one of us individually and we have to be kind and think of others. Self quarantine/social distancing is not something we would ever choose to do BUT for the greater good, and in comparison to the danger of those with suppressed immune systems, undergoing treatments, and the elderly, it really isn't that bad. Mason is currently out of school for the foreseeable future, as I'm sure a lot of your kids are as well. His speech therapy is also currently closed for in person one-on-one sessions. In an email I received from them with details on moving to virtual speech therapy they also provided us with some very helpful information, a list of 20 home school resources. My goal is to be a helpful resource for you all no ... Read more...

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